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The cornett is a historical musical instrument that had its heyday in the early 17th century and then slowly lost its presence in musical literature. In fact, it was not intensively revived until the 1970s. Traditionally, cornetts were made of wood and wrapped in leather, but less often they were also made of ivory. Furthermore, we offer a cornett version in plastic, which may be interesting for beginners as well as those wanting to make their first, affordable approach to the instrument.

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The process of building our cornetts follows the same guidelines as the 17th century's with some major modernizations. To always guarantee the best sound of our instruments, we use high-precision machines to manufacture the inner bore of the cornetts. This is an important aspect of cornett manufacturing because we managed to find a perfect bore that offers the best possible sound experience. Another important aspect of cornett building is the positioning and size of the finger holes. This positioning process is done manually and individually for each instrument, to achieve the best sound and intonation from every type of wood and its grain. Finally, the cornett is placed in linseed oil and covered with leather.



Making cornetts out of plastic is a big challenge.


We have mastered it.


Our cornetts have gone through a long refining process. After several prototypes and iterations, we can now offer a version that is on a par with wood cornetts in terms of sound and intonation. The final 3D model of the cornett is produced in-house with our 3D printers.

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